SINCE 1925
In 1925 a Spanish gentleman named Francisco Garcia arrived in San Antonio, to establish the Sanitary Tortilla Manufacturing Company. This business was originally located at the intersection of South Laredo Street and West Commerce Avenue. Years later, in 1971, "Sanitary Tortilla" would move to its present location at 623 Urban Loop, just across the street from Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.
Back in 1925, however, our founder took a very controversial step away from producing the hand-made tortilla of the time (offered locally by the "chile queens" of San Antonio); Senor Garcia had the first tortilla-making machines for the entire region installed into our factory. Initially the people of San Antonio were reluctant to accept our new "machine-made tortilla", but in the end our Sanitary Tortilla's consistency, flavor, and excellent quality proved to be "a winner". 
These days Sanitary Tortilla Company continues that fine tradition of being "a winner". We are a leader in the Mexican food industry for the San Antonio metropolitan area. We are proud to state that each day we deliver our tortillas and other food products to over 85 restaurants across town. In addition, each week during the school year we have the honor of serving and delivering to many schools within the city of San Antonio. Also, coupled with our commitment to the food establishments of our fine city, Sanitary Tortilla continues to offer our products for sale to the general public in our company store at the Urban Loop location.
Every day we encounter customers that smile and share with us their happy childhood memories of visiting "La Sanitaria" with their parents and grandparents. They tell us wonderful tales of returning home in the backseat of the family car, crowded with laughing brothers and sisters pressed close, with the warm feel of food packages, and the intoxicating smell of their favorite family tortilla. In these stories there is always some secret someone who can resist no longer, and who finally sneaks a tortilla or two to share with the rest before the ride is over. We love to hear these wonderful stories of "family" and "good times". We feel blessed to be included in such precious family memories.
300 B.C.: Excavations in the Valle de Tehuacan, in the Mexican state of Puebla, reveled the use, for more than, 7,000 years, of a little, wild cob the early precursor of corn. According to indigenous legend, humans were made of corn. 
1519: When Hernan Cortes and his Spanish conquistadores arrived in the New World on April 22, 1519, they discovered that the Aztecs used a flat bread of corn as a dietary staple. In the Nahuatl language, they were called tlaxcalli. The Spanish called them tortillas. 
1529: Franciscan friar Bernardino de Sahagun recorded the eating habits of the Aztecs as consisting of tortillas, tamales and chiles. Tortilla remain the staple of line in Mexico. 
Early 1900s: Industrialization of tortilla-making begins in earnest in Mexico, as small, mechanical handmills to grind corn at home replace the traditional metate.
1920s: Mexican engineers develop lager tortilla-making machines, giving rise to more efficient production and the establishment of corner tortillerias throughout Mexico. 
1950s: Large-scale industrial production of tortillas begins in Mexico and the United States. 
Today: Tortillas, with sales at $52 billion, are the second-most popular bread type in the United States behind white bread. 

We also feel blessed to be "the tortilla of choice" by many prominent San Antonio eating establishments. They have sought us out for our tortilla's delicious, "one-of -a-kind" flavor and its freshly made taste. We "cook" seven days a week in order to live up to such wonderful expectations. We consider it an honor to uphold such a great San Antonio tradition.
The Dallas Morning News
"Tortilla factory sticks to tradition"